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Parental monitoring isn't about privacy, it's about safety. You are the only thing standing between them and many of the dangers online.


Bullying : Monitoring can alert you if someone may be bullying your child – or if your child has been bullying someone else.
Nudity : Teens might think it's sexy to take and send nude pictures of themselves to someone else, or they might think it's funny to forward along pictures of someone else. Monitoring lets you step in and stop the behavior.
Cyber Predators : The Internet is the #1 tool of child predators for finding and developing friendships with children. You won't know if one has been talking to your child unless you're watching.
Dangers Online Activities : If your child is chatting with friends about illegal activities, suspicious behavior or maybe even committing suicide, you will have the chance to intervene before anything actually happens.
Protect Personal Info: Children unintentionally share about themselves and their whereabouts.
Identity theft. Because they are prone to give out too much information, it's easy for someone to steal your child's identity to open up credit card accounts or other instances of fraud.
Limit screen time. Parents who monitor are more aware of how much time their child is actually spending online, and they are therefore more likely to place and enforce limits on screen time. Kids need time to be active and exercise their minds in other ways.

Course Contents

    • ➥ Type of Cyber Security
    • ➥ Real Vs Virtual World
    • ➥ Cyber Fraud
    • ➥ Cut/Copy/Paste Prevention
    • ➥ Protect PC from anonymous USB Storage
    • ➥ Technique for Generate Secret Key
    • ➥ Audit anonymous access of confidential File
    • ➥ Increase System Performance without HW/SW
    • ➥ Track file/Folder access
    • ➥ Add application into Right Click Menu
    • ➥ Hide Important Drive
    • ➥ Restore Data in case of Crash Computer
    • ➥ Customize Default Screen Sever
    • ➥ Enable or Disable Task Manager
    • ➥ Prevention against online line fraud
    • ➥ Use the Address Verification System
    • ➥ Introduction of UPI flow
    • ➥ Check genuineness of E-commerce Website
    • ➥ Technique for Net Banking/UPI transaction security
    • ➥ Secure Password even password theft
    • ➥ Monitor Chrome Activity though email
    • ➥ Monitor Mobile Activity
    • ➥ Audit delete activity
    • ➥ 2F Authentication
    • ➥ Maintain Recovery Options
    • ➥ Imposter account handling
    • ➥ Phishing attacks and scams
    • ➥ Login Alert Notifications
    • ➥ Monitor Suspicious Activity
    • ➥ Keep Profile Picture Away from Hacker
    • ➥ Store Locally Post/Images/Other Contents
    • ➥ Live Event
    • ➥ Application Lock
    • ➥ Hide Messaging applications
    • ➥ Encrypt Data
    • ➥ Protect from Download/Save sent Images
    • ➥ Auto Deleted Confidential sent Message
    • ➥ Undo Deleted Message
    • ➥ Hide Identity in Whatsapp
    • ➥ Device Recent and Live Location Tracking
    • ➥ Log Searches in Device
    • ➥ Monitor Web Activities
    • ➥ Parental Control Over the Device
    • ➥ Log Applications
    • ➥ Monitor Mobile Activity
    • ➥ Track Lost/Stolen Mobile


Consciousness for child safety.

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